For the record ..

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Dear Mrs. Evans and Fans,

Just for the record, those of us who have taken a public stand against you and your postmodern revision of Evangelical Christianity are not afraid of you.  I’m quite sure Denny Burk isn’t.  I know Sarah Flashing isn’t.  And we all know Doug Wilson isn’t. I seriously doubt any of the other gifted, intelligent and influential people I know of who are concerned about your influence are afraid of you. Neither are we ignorant or unlearned or just plain stupid, as is often the charge.

On the other hand, many of us are deeply concerned about your influence. We are heartbroken over your glad leading of innocent souls to destruction. We grieve with those who you spit upon, the very teachers and mentors who showed you a better way. We are frustrated with those who haven’t been diligent enough to catechize their children (both in their own families and in their local church bodies) and thereby innoculate them against your poison.

And yes, we are angry that you lie about the church and her history. And about our Father and His Son.  You deny the truth about men and women, the meaning of the body and the beauty of sexual intimacy withing marriage.  You are a blasphemer capable of making casual references to a deity you refer to as “god herself” and, in your first book, you brag about your ability to fake sincerity. Your fans aid and abet you in this destruction as they snigger on social medeia about the poor stupid, backward folks who just don’t understand how wise and kind and enlightened you all are.

You are remarkably clever and have become a phenomenon I doubt even you foresaw. You are winsome and perky and it is easy to see how you have garnered such a following among the pemanently aggrieved classes. But in the end, I have come to the conclusion that my friend, Tim Bayly is right.  You should be avoided, not discussed. Prayed for and not publicized.

My email address is freely available to you.  I will never put an obstacle in your coming to me, nor will I ever refuse to pray for you or lend you any assistance you request