Tootsie Schmootsie

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I have a confession to make. If I see one more person post, on Facebook or Twitter, about how profound or astonishing that inane Dustin Hoffman interview clip is, from my mouth will issue forth a scream that will be heard in Reikjavik.

Why is this news to anyone? As one friend put it, “Yep. Pretty people are a step ahead.” This is not new. Women like me, who aren’t conventionally attractive, have known this all of our lives. But I have to also say that, at least for me, it has not been a defining part of my existence. The kids who were known to be more athletic got picked for teams first. Yep. The smart kids get picked for debate teams and quiz teams. Yep. And the pretty girls always get asked to dance first.

This doesn’t magically change in college and beyond. At some level when faced with the opposite sex, we are all still in high school. If a boy does have the courage to step out and ask out the ugly girl with a really great sense of humor you can bet he will hear about it. And hear about it. And hear about it some more.

So why is a clip of a 15-year old AFI interview with Dustin Hoffman suddenly the hottest thing on the interwebs? Beats me.

Pastor Thabite Anyabwile posted the clip on his TGC blog: Pure Church

In the post he says very little but in the comments he does inch towards why it is wrong to ignore a woman because she doesn’t fit the conventional mold. However, not once does he or any of the other men I’ve seen comment on this with an eye towards what we do about it. A Facebook friend comes closest, putting his finger on why it is astonishing to some men when he said, “believe me, it comes as a revelation to many men when are old enough to realize their youthful foolishness.”

Now after reading that, I begin to understand why the clip is hitting some folks so hard. But we are still no closer to ending the problem. We never will be, really. The world, and too many Christians, will always have its own standards of “hot or not”, “in or out”. Christians shouldn’t succumb to these pressures but too many do.

So, instead of letting your jaw drop to the floor after watching the clip (see the link to Pure Church), I’ve got a challenge for you. What are you going to do about it?

If you’re a young man, will you ask your science lab partner to the prom, even though you don’t think she’s pretty? And you, 50-something widower — are you going to show us you’ve learned something in your decades on this planet and not chase a woman who is almost young enough to be your daughter?

Do something different. Do something daring. Do something surprising and ask “that” girl out instead of the obvious one.

Because, gentlemen, I will let you in on a secret. When you give her a chance. When you get to know her and perhaps even grow to love her you will be astonished to see something you never knew was there. You will find that she really is …