On Ireland

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It is likely too much has already been written, said, argued, and spewed all over news sites and social media. I don’t have much to add but I’d like to highlight two columns worth reading.

The first is, Spare a thought for those who voted No in Ireland. It’s a thoughtful column from a reluctant Yes voter. Edwards notes that this was something of a head vs heart battle. Which leaves me wondering: will heart always win given our current degraded state?

The second piece is Rod Dreher’s long and challenging column,  The gay rights revolution in Ireland. It’s well worth engaging for its depth and his sober assessment of the situation well beyond Ireland. 

Finally a bit of news which Mr. Fry seems to have missed in his bid to outdo the late Oscar Wilde in decadence and debauchery. Wilde repented of his sins and was received into the Catholic Church before his death. There is hope for everyone.