Hell Dog or She Guardian?: London’s new Uber-appropriate monument to Feminism

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Set near Marble Arch, London has a new monument to Feminism. It seems the, ahem, artist is upset that homeless migrants have set up camp around the statue’s base because of the shade it provides. Me? I’d be afraid to get too close. I’d rather risk heat stroke, thank you very much.

Of the various descriptions, none have mentioned the first one that sprang to my mind: Servant of Molech and Deliverer of sacrifices. This thing makes the Wizard of Oz’s Flying Monkeys look like cuddly pets. Honestly, what were the good men and women of whatever body is responsible for this vision of hell drinking? Or smoking? Chanting? When they approved the design.

It is easy to make jokes about the statue as articles and commenters at Time Out London, iHorror, and Brietbart, have done. But it requires a serious response as well. Feminism is a seriously destructive enterprise which absolutely requires worship at the altar of  Molech, that pagan deity to which children were sacrificed. 

This is no She Guardian, caring for the young. This is a Hell Dog, destroyer of young lives and the souls of women. Our last reaction to this should be one of shock or surprise. Rather, we should be thankful for this reminder of the true character of feminism.

Let this honesty help us turn from the destruction of feminism to embrace a good and holy woman who guarded, for nine months in her womb, God Incarnate. The Woman of whom her Son, as he hung battered, bloody and near death, said: Behold, your mother.