Our Lawless Supremes, Our Lawless Selves

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With today’s decision in the Glossip v. Gross death penalty by lethal injection case, the nation’s top court has shown a complete disregard for human life and dignity. Our children may be slaughtered at will, for the time being at least, before they draw their first breath of air – check. Marriage has no meaning our purpose beyond adult desires and any two, for now, consenting adults may engage in the legal fiction of marriage provided, for now, they aren’t too closely related – check. And now, we may execute our convicted criminals in cruel and unusual ways – check. It’s a trifecta of sorts. 

There will be consequences, many of them have already popped up over the horizon. The combination of abortion and a medicalized death penalty will bring increasing pressure to normalize euthanasia. At first, it will be argued that we are only relieving suffering of our grandmas and grandpas at the end of their lives. But Europe has shown us the way, the practice will soon encompass the depressed, disabled folks and children. Euthanasia of babies born with disabilities or defects will become routine. 

The majority has unwittingly paved the way for a good deal of this devaluation of life and human dignity with our enthusiastic embrace of carcinogenic chemicals that prevent our bodies from functioning in a healthy manner. But only for us women, mind you, so we can engage in the baby-making act without actually making babies because it is we who bear the responsibility of bearing new life. As we embraced these life-denying drugs, we also embraced the dignity-destroying practice of no-fault divorce, often followed by a second union which is itself again followed by a no-fault divorce so that the late Elizabeth Taylor is no longer a joke but a measure of “normality”. 

Divorce has inured us to the practice of routinely denying our children, not only the benefit of growing up in an intact household, but even knowing the presence of both their parents in their lives and learning as they grow and mature, what fathers teach, what mothers teach, and how men and women differ. Now that we’ve accomplished this, enter the marvels of medical innovation and, poof! Elton John is a father and his lover David Furnish is a mother. 

Children manufactured and murdered at will: this is our terrifying future. Same sex “marriage” will force the issue in new ways, for if there is a “right to marry” based on nothing more than emotion, how will we deny these pairings (pairings only, for now) the natural end of marriage, children? For no matter how we try to re-write metaphysics, the truth will out. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby. In our brave new world, a right to manufacture children inevitably follows the right to marry. Coercive egg “donation” campaigns and human trafficking/slavery in baby factories already does and will increasingly target women from the campuses of Stanford and Harvard to the slums of Mumbai.

And what of lethal injection executions using drugs that can fail and cause excruciatingly lengthy and painful deaths? Is anyone even left to care about how we execute convicted criminals given these other assaults on human life and dignity?