Regarding Anne Lamott

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I am reluctant to criticize any woman for her appearance, however …

A 60-something white woman of privilege sporting dreadlocks indicates a lot more than not knowing what her colors are. It’s a deliberate, one might say transgressive, choice. It says she doesn’t care a fig for what other people think. That’s made obvious by her behaviour as well. Known for not being terribly kind or patient with those she deems “stupid”, she outdid herself on Twitter yesterday:


This strikes me as being more defensive than mean. When someone is that vicious in their response to people, it often indicates they aren’t secure in their beliefs. In someone like Lamott, we’d do well to remember it takes an awful lot of energy to consistently and publicly deny core principles of the faith to which we claim to adhere. 

We can’t know the state of her soul. But we do know what she shows us doesn’t look good.

Pray for her. Please do. But please, please, stop buying her books. Don’t encourage her in her support of grave evil.