Western Imperialism on steroids, literally

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Bill Gates wants remote control access to African Women’s fertility.  The article is a year old, but it bears repeating. Especially with Evangelical celebrities like Kay Warren and Amy Grant partnering with Melinda Gates in a new women’s health initiative. 

Do Evangelical Christians (especially them!) really want to get in bed with this sort of Western imperialism, racism, colonialism, paternalism, Malthusian anti-human population control and, let’s be honest, misogyny of the basest sort? Kay Warren, are you really okay with this? Amy Grant, do you really want to contribute to a coercive population control mentality that will prevent women from ever singing “Baby, baby” to their own newborn child?

I know I shouldn’t, but I still have great difficulty comprehending how Christians can be so blind to what this all means and what the consequences will, inevitably, be. They are so concerned to be gentle as doves, they forget about the other portion of that proverb. I think it had something to say about wisdom. 

From the article:

A remote-controlled contraceptive computer chip which would be implanted under the skin has been developed with the backing of Bill Gates.

The chip, which would last for 16 years, would release levonorgestral daily, a hormone which is used to prevent pregnancy.

However with the new implant, a woman could choose when to deactivate or reactivate the chip using a wireless control.

It is designed to be implanted under the skin of the buttocks, upper arm, or abdomen.

The implant provides a long-term solution to birth control and would mean no more trips to the clinic or a procedure to remove the implant.