An Open Letter to CBMW

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For years I’ve held CBMW and its allies are taking the wrong approach toward Egalitarians/Religious Feminists. I’ve believed that the approach, which is largely collegial in nature, treating this as an inhouse issue, was bound to fail. And now it has in chilling fashion. 

Specifically, I’ve warned that feminism must be treated as a first-order, core Gospel issue because, whether it appeared to be one or not, the logic impels feminists to attack christology. And now the are growing bolder in their attack on Christ. Jory Micah’s thesis boldly declares, “While Jesus walked the earth as a male, He no longer has a gender.”. Her MA thesis was accepted by Regent University in 2010 and her advisor was Dale Coulter. This is not the first time I’ve heard a gnostic Christ being promoted by “Egalitarians”, either. 

She is pretty small at this point in terms of recognition and social media following. But her influence is growing. She’s being embraced and promoted by CT’s Her.meneutucs writers, The Junia Project, and CBE has recently encouraged her to submit to them for publication. 

I know I first approached one of your leaders about this only a few days ago. But this young woman’s thesis is 5 years old now. During that five years, I’ve heard that same gnostic claim about Jesus in a face-to-face meeting with a former classmate from Denver Seminary, Vaun Swanson –whose work was being promoted by the seminary and who has been something of a leader with CBE, having a bio listed on their website and being a previous conference speaker. 

I don’t have to rehearse the problems with a false, gnostic view of Christ. Without Christ, there is no salvation. Feminism is heretical, it always has been. And now we are seeing the proof in their imaginative construction of a Jesus who cannot save, a Jesus of ancient heresy the Church spoke to and declared to be false long ago. If CBMW won’t stand against such heresy, it’s time to close up shop and quit the field of battle.

As for me, a mere woman? I stand with the Church who is not afraid to remember what heresies are and that many of them have been already answered. I stand with the Church who not only recognizes that women cannot be priests, but that She doesn’t have the authority to make women priests even if She wanted to. I am thankful to be Catholic.