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Well, here we are on the bio page.


I was raised in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota until high school when we moved to Colorado and migrated up the front range until I landed in Denver as a college student.  I started at the University of Denver as an Economics/Political Science double major and ended up in the hard sciences, moving on to finish my degree in the Medical Laboratory Science program at the University of Colorado Health Sciences campus. In a strange full circle move, I now work at the University of Colorado Hospital and my blogging/writing life involves many of the issues I was interested in as an undergrad (I was not, however, terminally interested in statistics which is what killed the idea of an Economics major!).

Along the way there were some strange detours including three years working for the State of Wyoming at their state psychiatric hospital and a year as a “traveler” which ended with three gorgeous months in Jackson, Wyoming (my last assignment as a traveler) . The biggest detour was the one lying in wait for me in seminary.

My first class at Denver Seminary, Christian Apologetics, introduced me to Doug and Rebecca Groothuis and the Evangelical Feminist organization they supported, Christians for Biblical Equality. I embraced the Utopian egalitarian vision and ran with it to the point of staffing their booth at conferences and being recruited by president Mimi Haddad to join the national staff in Minneapolis.  I think the only thing that halted that trajectory was my unwillingness to drop everything and move “back home” to the Twin Cities.

I wanted to so badly for it all to work, but there were pieces in the biblical puzzle I just could never make fit.  Most notable of these was the biblical picture of marriage.  By God’s grace, and as I graduated and moved away from the CBE/Denver Seminary circles in spirit if not physically, it was as if my vision cleared and I could see something I’d never seen before: beauty in marriage. I began to see that, in marriage, man and wife engaged in a beautiful dance.  It’s a dance where, when man and wife are living near the center of their faith, is so beautifully coordinated that it may look like an Egalitarian marriage, but little clues, every day graces will make it clear that it is not.

Gradually, God brought me to repent of my rebellion and embrace of heresy and into a glad acceptance of patriarchy drawing its strength and meaning from the Father from whom all human fatherhood comes (Ephesians 3:14-15).

In these pages you will find posts arguing that Egalitarianism is a species of feminism which is, ultimately, heresy. You will also see other bits of my heart and soul – the issues I care about and the ones that drive me to write. Ultimately, they are all connected to women and women’s spiritual and physical health. These include the lies about “reproductive health”, the use and abuse of women in artificial reproduction techniques including third party reproduction, the bad bargain (physically and spiritually) that is represented by birth control, sex trafficking, religious liberty and even women’s history.


So, pull up a chair and stay a while.